Month: February 2016

Double Team Dream, 2nd Book!

I’ve added another book to Double Team Series that I’m  working on.  This book is called caught in the act and its available through Amazon.

It involves a young girl who is starting to explore her sexuality and gets a helping hand from a couple of rugged men.

I will work on a few other stories I have in the back of my mind and then return to writing a few more books in this series.

At the moment, I’m into writing more books on cuckolding and domination fantasies.

Stay tuned!


Double Team Dream Series

I plan on writing a series on threesomes, specifically two men on one woman.

Today the first book of that series came out called Double Team Dream: The Weekend Getaway

Here is a little except from the book:

“Both of our lips touched.  The kiss was deep and sensual.  Then I could feel Victor hands on the other side of me while Christian and I locked lips.  Victor pushed my hair away back and starting to kiss and suck on my neck, while his other hand fondled my tits.  There were shock waves of sexual energy that were running wild inside me. ”

I have a few ideas for the next couple of books I will be writing.  But would love to hear from my readers.  Maybe I could write a book on a specific type of threesome fantasy.

Have you ever had a threesome fantasy?  Is there a certain type of guy involved or gal?  What is the setting of this fantasy?


Released My First Book!: Sold To A Mobster

Hey everyone!  I just wrote and published my first erotic book ever called Sold To A Mobster

Its about a woman who finds herself in a difficult position when her boyfriends sells her off to a mobster to pay off a gambling debt.

One night of being sexually dominated by a mobster.

Will she go through with it?

Here is a little excerpt:

“As I let out a moan of ecstasy, I thought I better not be too loud or Craig may hear me.  I grabbed the pillow next to me and bit down as hard as I could into it.  My screams and moans were muffled by the pillow as I ferociously fingered my pussy.  The wetness was running down my leg and it felt like any minute I could explode.  There was surge of energy that ran through me.  My eyes rolled back.  At this point I had nearly bit through the pillow.”

Buy the Book Here:  Sold To A Mobster