Two Strangers on the Beach

Finally, my boyfriend Dan and I were going to get away from city.  It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve been stressed out and busy with school and my boyfriend has been working full time.  We hardly even get to see each other anymore because of our busy schedules. It feels like both are stuck in a rut.

I think part of me is looking at this vacation as a way to put a little spark back into our relationship. Lately, things have got a little stale.  We hardly even have sex anymore, and the last couple of times we did have sex the excitement just wasn’t there.  It’s like we were just going through the motions.  Long gone were the days of passionate love making.  The days where we never left the bed.  Fuckng, sleeping, and then fucking again.

I still loved and care for Dan and can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.  It’s just that it seems the relationship was heading south.

I guess that’s what happens in relationships. My parents haven’t had a spark in their marriage for a long time now. Maybe, it’s that we have become to comfortable with each other.  But already?

Dan and I have beat the odds so far.  We were high school sweethearts. We both made it through college and now at the age of 25 we had been together 7 years and I don’t regret a single thing.

It’s just that lately and I’m ashamed to say this, I’ve been fantasizing about other men.  You see, I’ve only been with one other guy before I met Dan.  I was 17 and it was an awkward an awful experience.  It’s always been good with Dan, well at least it was early in the relationship.

Was this bad to be thinking about other men?  My friends assured me it was perfectly normal and even a few of them told me about their secret affairs.

That wasn’t me though.  I could never could cheat on Dan.  Although my fantasies of being with other men were driving me crazy.

There is this one really good looking guy in my class.  I know he has a thing for me.  He flirts with me constantly and even has tried to get me to come out with him a few times.

I’m not going to lie part of me is tempted to take him up on the offer.  But I know that if we both had a few drinks in us something could happen.  I’m really attracted to him and honestly can’t trust myself at the moment.

The other day when I got back from class I made sure Dan wasn’t around.  I went into my room, pulled the curtains and started masturbated furiously to the thought of the guy in class.  I fantasied about him ripping off my clothes and savagely fucking me.  The tingles I felt for this guy is something I hadn’t felt for a long time with Dan.  Part of me felt guilty and part of me couldn’t resist the fantasy.

Was it wrong to feel this way?

It was Friday morning.  Today we would be heading to the coast for our little weekend getaway.  I could’t wait!

The drive up the coast was amazing.  The scenery, the smell of the ocean.  My mind was out of school mode and fully in vacation mode. For the first time in a while I felt relaxed.

The car ride was going to take a couple of hours.  Dan and I joked around for a little bit and then I found myself dozing off. When I awoke we were at the place we would be staying for the next couple of days.

It was beautiful.  A quiet little resort right on the ocean.  We checked in with the front desk and they took us to the room.

The room was fantastic.  It had a rustic feel to it.  Old wooden beams and floors.  And the best part, how could I forget, a balcony over looking the hotel pool and ocean.  Yes, it all seemed so perfect.

Both of us were starving, it was a long car ride and we had’t ate a thing since breakfast.  The front desk made some recommendations of where to eat. A good meal would really hit the spot right now.   Plus a few drinks couldn’t hurt, or so I thought.

Dan isn’t really a big drinker.  And on the rare occasions he does drink, it turns out messy.  One of the worst occasions happened last year at a Christmas party.   He got wasted and ended up making an ass out of himself in front of some of my friends.  Later that night I sat with him in the bathroom as he proceeded to puke everything out.  He was such a light weight.

When we got to the restaurant the drinks started flowing.  One after the other.  I tried to warn Dan about what happens when he drinks but I wasn’t much to talk.  I was getting quite tipsy myself.

Everything was going great.  We were laughing and joking,  enjoying our meal.  I couldn’t remember the last time Dan and I were able to both enjoy ourselves like this.  It started to feel like this vacation might have been the thing necessary for us to revive that spark.   

Well any idea of reviving of that spark died when the shots came around.  Dan was starting to slur his words. I told him maybe it’s a good idea that you cool it on the alcohol for a while.  He choose not to listen ordering more shots.

He was completely drunk at this point.  Slurring his words as he ranting about how his boss doesn’t appreciate him enough.  He was like a split personality.  One second he was the angry drunk the next was he was confessing how much he loved me.  The Dan show was becoming pathetic and annoying.  Why did I let him drink this much?

Dan had ruined a perfectly good evening.  Any notion that this night could be saved was gone.  I wanted a night of connection and hot passionate sex.  Now, I was going to have to play babysitter to my drunkard of a boyfriend.

I knew we had to get out of the restaurant before anything bad happened.  I ended up paying the tab and basically dragging Dan out of the restaurant, it was so embarrassing.  One of the waiters even jokingly commented on it as we were leaving.

Dan’s arm was around my back as I attempted to walk him back to the hotel.  He was stumbling and slurring his speech almost to the point of incoherence.  A perfect day had turned into a disaster.   

I finally got Dan back to the hotel room after what seemed like an eternity.  I pushed him onto the bed and took of his shoes.  Then I got him a glass of water and put a waste basket next to the bed, just in case.  Well there goes my night, I thought to myself.

Dan lay there in the bed passed out.  I was pissed off that my night had been ruined and I was now playing babysitter.  I wanted this vacation to be about Dan and I rekindling  out relationship but now here I was alone, frustrated, and a little buzzed.  I couldn’t stand to stay in the room for another minute.  I needed to get some fresh air.  Maybe a walk by the ocean would clear my mind.

My mind was running all over the place.  Reliving the night and my thoughts about the relationship.  As I walked towards the beach I was replaying the entire night in my head.  I was hardly appreciating the beautiful scenery around me.  All I could feel was anger towards Dan.

All of sudden I slammed right into a man that was walking by.  I must have not seen him. I was too preoccupied in my own little World.  I looked up at him angrily but my anger soon faded when I looked into his eyes.  He was gorgeous and he was with another one of his friends who was equally as good looking.  They were both tall with muscular builds.

The man I struck said “Im so sorry, are you okay?”

Embarrassingly “I said yes I’m fine.”

He said “you look a little flustered is everything okay?”

I responded nervously “Yeah it’s okay, it’s a long story.”

He had a slight smile on his face and he introduced himself, “by the way, my name is Victor and this is my friend Christian.”

I introduced myself and realized that all my anger had left.  I was to hypnotized be these two studs standing in front of me.

Victor had tan skin and piercing brown eyes.  His face was very masculine with short cut hair and a little subtle.  Christian had long dirty blonde hair that was slightly slicked back.     

The combination of alcohol and the presence of these beautiful strangers was making me extremely horny.

With a devilish smile on his face, Victor asked me “Would you like to come down to the beach with us? We have a little something to drink too.”  Christian then smiled and shook the bottle of whisky he was holding in his hand.”

Without any hesitation, I smiled and said “sure why not.”

So there I was, walking down to the beach with two strange men.

It was a beautiful night.  Warm enough to be in a skirt and t-shirt yet there was a slight breeze as we got closer to the ocean.  The moon reflected off the ripples of the water.  And as we got further away from the resort all you could hear was the sound of the waves crashing down on the beach.

We found a place on the beach to sit down.  Christian attempted to make a fire with little success.  Victor and I were joking around while taking a few swigs from the bottle.

I thought to myself these guys were so much fun.  They had such carefree attitudes.  I was having such a good time with them that I had forgot about all the drama with Dan.

Should I go back and check on him?  I thought.  No, after the night he put me through I deserve to have a little fun, and I was loving the attention from these two gorgeous guys who sitting next to me on the beach.

The three of us sat there staring out into the ocean, talking, and passing the bottle around.  To my surprise, the bottle was almost empty at this point.  Then I realized how drunk I was, spilling my guts to these total strangers.

There was a silence in the conversation. I closed my eyes to fully appreciate this warm summer night. I felt relaxed as I focused in on the sounds of the crashing waves.

Then I felt a warm tingle run through my body and it wasn’t the alcohol.  It was Christian hand that was rubbing my leg. I was caught off guard.  Were these guys coming on to me?

I did nothing to stop it either.  His touch felt so good and I was getting so wet.  I opened my eyes and looked in Christian’s direction.  He was staring back at me with a soft smile and gleam in his eye.  He was moving in for the kiss.  I knew somewhere I shouldn’t do it but I could’t stop myself. The moment has overtaken me and my body was tingling with excitement.

Both of our lips touched.  The kiss was deep and sensual.  Then I could feel Victor hands on the other side of me while Christian and I locked lips.  Victor pushed my hair away back and starting to kiss and suck on my neck, while his other hand fondled my tits.  There were shock waves of sexual energy that were running wild inside me.  My pussy was pulsing.

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.  Was I going to have threesome with these guys?

Christian’s hand was making his way up my leg.  It was getting ever so close to my sweet-spot and then I stopped them both.

I said softly “Guys, I am sorry I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend.”  Even though my whole body was telling me yelling at me to continue.

Victor responded “just relax and go with it, were gonna have fun.”

I guess that was all the convincing I needed. Before I knew I was making out with Victor, and Christian hand was now making it’s away to my pussy.

His fingers touched my sweet-spot and I let out a huge gasp.  My pussy was dripping wet and his fingers were rubbing circle around my clit.  I felt like I was going to cum right there and then.

Victor then started to remove my t-shirt.  I told him “stop, wonder if someone can see us.”

He replied “don’t worry no one is going to see a thing were completely alone, relax.”

Victor didn’t really have a thing with words but I didn’t care.  I did’t want to stop.

How was I going to stop myself?  I was sitting there topless with two studs ravishing me.

Victor was sucking on my erect nipples as Christian had two fingers inside my wet pussy.  My head fell back as I moaned in ecstasy.

Before I knew they both stop and were standing tall above me.  Victor on my right and Christian on my left. They both were shirtless and the moon was reflecting of their muscular bodies.  You could clearly noticed the bulge poking through both of their shorts.  Then they both pulled down their shorts to expose two massive throbbing cocks.

I looked up at both of them submissively.  They looked both looked at me with shit eating grins.  I could’t believe what I was doing.  I had always fantasized about being with two men.  But this wasn’t fantasy, it was reality.

I grabbed the base of Victor’s cock and tongued the top of it ever so gently while my other hand stroked Christian’s member.  They both let out groans of pleasure.

I was working Christian’s cock furiously with one hand as my mouth embraced Victor’s throbbing penis.  I looked up at them both and could see they were enjoying every second of it.  Then I moved to Christian’s cock.  Victor couldn’t have all the fun.  I took Christian’s equally large cock and starting sucking on it.  More groans of pleasure.

I look up at both of them while working both of their cocks with my hands and said “guys I really can’t go any further than this,  my boyfriend is back at the room right now.”

They both smiled at me.  Next thing I know, Christian was picking up my legs and laying my back onto the beach.  I giggled and did my best to protest.  “No, no, I can’t”  I said while giggling.  Who was I kidding?  I did’t want them to stop.  My wet pussy was aching for both of their cocks.

There I lay completely naked and vulnerable on the beach. Totally absorbed in the moment.  Christian knelt in front of me while spreading my legs wide open.  Victor knelt down beside me to position his throbbing dick in front of my face.  I closed my eyes and took his swollen head into my mouth and passionately starting sucking.

My sweet spot was ringing.  It felt so good to have two men desperately wanting me.  The base of Christian’s cock touched my pussy lips that was getting even more wet.  I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore!

Then I could feel Christian’s rock hard erection slowly slip into my dripping pussy.  I screamed out in bliss but the scream was muffled by Victor’s cock that I nearly gagged on.

As Christian’s thrusts increased in intensity so did my animal side.  I was sucking Victor’s cock harder and faster, while using my hand to rub his balls.  Both men were groaning with delight.  I loved to think that my body was completely being dominated by two brutes.

Then Christian’s thrusts stopped.  Victor looked down at me and said “Now it’s my turn,  bend over in front of me.”  No man had ever been this assertive with me during sex and I must say I loved it.  I turned around and presented my ass towards Victor.  All the while Christian was now in front of me with his rock hard cock that had just been pounding my pussy.  I took his dick in my mouth without hesitation and licked my pussy juices clean off of it. His green eyes stared down at me and I stared back at him thinking how naughty I felt.  This is side I had never shown Dan never mind two complete strangers.    

Victor wasn’t as gentle as Christian.  He thrust into me without warning.  He wasted no time, aggressively pumping his huge cock in and out.  His big balls were slapping and against my clit.  There was a loud rhythmic slapping of his skin against my skin.  My breasts were swinging freely beneath me. I could feel it coming, I was going to orgasm.  I sucked harder and faster on Christian’s dick. He was breathing heavily. Then the orgasm over took me and I let out a loud moan while Christians cock filled my mouth. I sucked down hard and could hear Christian let out an animalistic groan.  I could feel his hot fluid shoot into my mouth.  Meanwhile, Victor’s thrust were becoming faster and stronger.  I thought he was going to brake me in half, and with one more swift stroked I could feel him finish inside me.

What a night!  I didn’t end up getting back to the hotel till 4 a.m.  My body was still buzzing from the savage sex romp I had just experienced.  But was going to have to contain myself if I wanted to sneak back in the hotel room without Dan noticing.

I slowly slid the door open trying to be as quiet as possible.  Dan was in the same positioned I had left him.  He was completely out cold and hardly even noticed me climbing into the bed.

I lay in bed trying to fall asleep but was still running high from what had happened earlier.  As I looked out the window at the ocean I smiled to myself and thought this was exactly the type of vacation I needed.


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