Summer = Slow Sales

Summer is the worst time to be a self published erotic author, or any self published author for that matter.

My sales have dropped off significantly since May.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the same thing happened to me last summer too.

For anyone new to the self publishing game don’t stress it too much.  Yes, the summer months are slow, and it can be discouraging at times but remember things will pick up once September rolls around.  November through February is the real sweet spot.

Use the summer time to relax.  Don’t try to push out more stories to match previous month’s sales totals (I did this last summer).  You will burnout and your writing will suffer.

Save that energy and creativity for the Fall & Winter months when you’re stuck inside because of the cold.  You don’t have to totally abandon writing for the summer but you may want to lessen the workload a bit.


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