The Only Marketing Erotic Authors Need

Erotica is like a drug.  And like all drugs it sells itself.  As long as you hit the right niche, have a sexy cover, and can write half way decent you’re going to do well.

Is marketing completely necessary if you’re an erotica writer?  Not really.  You should be spending most of you’re time focused on writing.

When I first started writing erotica I spent a lot of time marketing.  I  joined hundreds of book promotion pages and tried to build a presence on social media.  These all seemed to do very little for me, and I ended spending so much time marketing that I was getting away from what truly mattered – writing.

There is however, one marketing tactic that all erotica authors, authors in general, should use, and it’s a MAILING LIST.

You’re looking for true fans.  If someone takes time to sign up for you’re mailing list that means their a true fan.

Just think about,  how many mailing lists do you sign up for?  If you’re like me, it’s not many.  I don’t need the spam mail.  If I sign up for mailing list it means I really, really like the author, product, company etc.  If they have something new out I want to know about it.  That’s a true fan.

True fans will pay your bills.  A mailing list is way of marketing where you focus on the true fans (80/20 principle), instead of wasting time marketing to people who aren’t interested in your writing.

How Do I Start A Mailing List? 

Starting a mailing list is easy.  I’m not going to walk you through it step by step.  It’s 2017.  There are hundreds of videos out there that will so how to set up a mailing list.

The main players when it comes to mailing lists are: or  I use mailchimp.  It’s clean, free, and easy to use.

Once you have an account set up you can create a sign up form.  Copy the url from the sign up form and start placing it in the front and back matter of all your books.  You can also place  it into your author’s page or other social media platforms if you have them.

Every time you release new books you can send out a simple newsletter to inform your fans.  I usually publish my books Friday morning.  They go live in the evening, and then I send out newsletter midday Saturday.


I saw a significant boost in sales once I started a mailing list.  It’s so simple that I was kicking myself for not starting it sooner.  If you’re erotica author, author in general, and don’t have a mailing list I highly suggest looking into it.


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