What Is The Best Sales Day? When Should You Release Your Book?

When is the best day to release a book?  What is the best sales day?

There’s no definite answer to this question.  I have, however, noticed a few trends after self publishing for two years.

Sunday is usually the highest selling day.  Saturday is a close second.  Friday and Monday can do especially well.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are usually the slowest sales days.  Thursday seems to be especially slow.

Of course, this all changes with holidays.  You may experience a drop off on a major holiday like Thanksgiving, but then see a huge spike in sales the following days because people are still on vacation.  You’ll usually see a nice spike in sales leading up to Christmas.

I’ve been publishing my books Thursday nights for a while now.  They usually go live Friday afternoon, just in time for the weekend spike.

I’ve found it’s useless to release your book midweek.  You should always publish books so they go live for the weekend.


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