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No Publish No Problem

I decided not to publish any stories in the month of August.  This doesn’t mean I have stopped writing.

I did this for a two reasons.

  1. August sales were getting off to a slow start
  2. I wanted a few books “in the chamber” for when I started publishing again in September.

By having a few books in the chamber I have the liberty to take a week off if necessary during the next couple of months.  It just made sense to hoard a few stories for the month of August since this is generally one of the worse selling months for self publishing author’s, and these books are better served being released during busy months.

The funny thing is, sales have gone up since I made this decision.  I haven’t released a single book, yet my sales are on track to beat July.  Of course by saying this I probably just jinxed myself, but oh well.  It’s still good to know I can leave the self publishing game alone at times and still bring in sales.


Niche Ideas For Erotic Authors

In my last post I urged aspiring erotic authors to write in as many different niches as possible.  It’s not so much what you like to write it’s about writing what the readers want.

Hopefully you can find a sweet spot of writing something you enjoy and also that sells well.

To help you find your niche I’ve decided to create a list.  Here are some of the common niches in erotica:

ABDL (adult baby diaper love):  adult that dresses/acts like baby.

BBW (big beautiful women):  Big curvy women and the men who can’t resist them.

Bimboification:  regular plain jane girls are turned into sex crazed bimbos.

Interracial:  Black men/ white women work the best, but white men/ black women can work too.  I don’t have much experience with other mixes.  

BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism):  Man is usually dom.  Woman is submissive and seeking it.  

Breeding:  May also go by the name of fertile or bareback.  Female is impregnated by human or monster.

Cuckolding:  Usually involves a man watching his wife having sex with another man.  Make  sure that you state that the man is seeking to watch instead of catching her cheating.  

Exhibitionism/Voyeurism:  These go hand in hand.  Either getting off on watching or being watched.

Monster:  Bigfoots, Aliens, Dinosaurs etc.  Mythological, Fantasy, or extinct creatures are acceptable only.  No animals!

Femdom:  Dominant women/ submissive men.  Men are humiliated.  

Historical:  Think Romans, Vikings, Westerns etc.

Lactation:  Women who lactate.  Also known as hucow.

Pseudoincest:  Stepfather – stepdaughter, stepsister – stepbrother etc.  Approach this niche at your own risk.  A lot of my books have been banned in this niche.

Medical:  exams that turn to sex.  Little experience in this niche.

Dubious Consent:  There’s a grey area here.  The “victim” is reluctant yet aroused at the same time.  Some call this rape-fantasy.  

Older man/younger woman or Older woman/younger man:  Silver foxes & virgins or MILFS & young studs

Shifter/Paranormal:  Think Twilight but with sex.  Werewolfs are popular here.



There are many more, but this should be a good start.  Do some research on your own.  Look at a list of paraphilias.  











A Warning To Erotic Authors

Beware about publishing in the pseudo incest genre (stepfather – stepdaughter; stepbrother – stepsister etc.)  I recently, tried to published a pseudo incest story and it was blocked by Amazon.  Then I tried to publish it through a book aggregator called Pronoun.  Blocked again.

I haven’t published much in this genre (only three books).  Out of those three books two have been blocked.

I find this strange since I often see book with titles like “Daddy’s Little Slave” or “Daddy Punished Me” in Amazon top 100 erotica list.  I knew that writing incest was a big no no, but thought pseudo incest was still acceptable, until I got this message:

  • Depictions of incest and pseudoincest are prohibited. Biological incest, bearing witness to a sexual situation involving a biological relative, or pseudoincest between step-parents and step-children are all prohibited.
  • Pronoun has a zero tolerance policy for erotica with characters under age 18. Any depiction or description of an underage character in a sexual situation, bearing witness to a sexual situation, or thinking about a sexual act is strictly forbidden. If you publish a book that violates this guideline, your account will be suspended indefinitely.
  • “Barely legal” erotica is prohibited if the characters have speech or mannerisms that imply they are younger than 18. In general, we discourage publishing any “barely legal” erotica on Pronoun, as it can be reviewed and removed from sale at any time.

I don’t know if any other erotic authors out there have had the same problem.  It doesn’t really bother me much since I never cared for writing in this genre anyways.  The main reason I even wrote a pseudo incest story was an attempt to branch out into other genres.

Figured I would give a heads up to any other writers who were thinking about writing something pseudo incest.  Amazon is always changing what they deem acceptable or not acceptable.  They may be trending in the direction of banning anything closely relating to pseudo incest.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.