What Is The Best Sales Day? When Should You Release Your Book?

When is the best day to release a book?  What is the best sales day?

There’s no definite answer to this question.  I have, however, noticed a few trends after self publishing for two years.

Sunday is usually the highest selling day.  Saturday is a close second.  Friday and Monday can do especially well.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are usually the slowest sales days.  Thursday seems to be especially slow.

Of course, this all changes with holidays.  You may experience a drop off on a major holiday like Thanksgiving, but then see a huge spike in sales the following days because people are still on vacation.  You’ll usually see a nice spike in sales leading up to Christmas.

I’ve been publishing my books Thursday nights for a while now.  They usually go live Friday afternoon, just in time for the weekend spike.

I’ve found it’s useless to release your book midweek.  You should always publish books so they go live for the weekend.


No Publish No Problem

I decided not to publish any stories in the month of August.  This doesn’t mean I have stopped writing.

I did this for a two reasons.

  1. August sales were getting off to a slow start
  2. I wanted a few books “in the chamber” for when I started publishing again in September.

By having a few books in the chamber I have the liberty to take a week off if necessary during the next couple of months.  It just made sense to hoard a few stories for the month of August since this is generally one of the worse selling months for self publishing author’s, and these books are better served being released during busy months.

The funny thing is, sales have gone up since I made this decision.  I haven’t released a single book, yet my sales are on track to beat July.  Of course by saying this I probably just jinxed myself, but oh well.  It’s still good to know I can leave the self publishing game alone at times and still bring in sales.

Keep A Few Books In The Chamber

I was optimistic with the way August started.  The first two days sales were good.  Since that point sales have slowed to a crawl.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Last August was the same thing.  It was one of the my worst months in terms of sales even though it was one of my most productive months in terms of writing.

Note to self:  Let August be a month to coast a little.  For the rest of August I will not release another book or bundle.  I may promote a few of my older titles for free.  I will continue writing, but not as much.  My goals is to have a few books in the chamber for when I start writing full time again in September.

It’s always good to have a few books in the chamber if things get hectic one week.  This means you can still release books even if you weren’t able to get anything done that week.

Sales should pick up again in September, and it should only go up from there *knocks on wood.*  Maybe August is good time to ease back and let the creative mind rest before I start cranking out stories again in the fall & winter.  For the next couple months I won’t have the opportunity to take it easy so it’s best to slack off now when potential readers are enjoying the end of summer instead of short story smut.